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Artist Agnes Martin always painted new works based on the mantra “inspiration always came when I asked what’s next?”

Do you find yourself wondering when things will change in your life, or when will something fantastic happen to me or why  doesn’t something exciting ever happen to me?  Well, wait no more.

We have to be more proactive by tuning in to our inner selves and letting that guide us in experiencing the miracle of our lives.  In essence, all we ever hoped and dreamed of is within our very own being. The only thing stopping the flow is our own mental blocks that often have us waiting for some magical moment.


If we want to have a different experience, we must ask the Universe what was I created to do?  What is waiting for me to experience?  It could be something as simple as changing our nail polish or something creative like writing a book. It could mean trying a new flavored tea instead of the same flavor we have sipped for the past three years. It could even mean starting a new career path or a long postponed hobby.

Whatever it is, the anticipation of letting new adventures flow from us is an opportunity to experience yourself in a new and exciting way!

Those things don’t have to be huge and sweeping changes, but starting out with small and manageable adventures will increase your confidence for the things you can’t imagine yourself venturing into. Just try new adventures (big or small) consistently, and you will be amazed at how rapid your growth occurs, and more importantly, how vibrant you feel.

Life is to be lived, and even our mundane daily tasks can yield newness.  When recently shopping for groceries, Linda shared with me that she made up her mind to try a different fruit — ugli  fruit (delicious) is now a semi regular item on her list.


I learned a while ago that when I find myself stuck in my same old patterns, when I feel weary or when nothing new and exciting seems to be on the horizon, that is when I get to “listing.” Listing is a tool I use.  I literally list 3-5 new things or opportunities that I want to try out, sample or experience.

Currently, my list has these things on it:

  1.   Learn how to create 60 seconds videos for my business;
  2.   Eat a minimum of 2 meatless meals weekly;
  3.   Resume my online French lessons — 40 minutes daily;
  4.   Plant a variety of bulbs (besides tulips) in my backyard;
  5.   Try indoor skydiving


Photo:   Indoor Sky Diving at IFly Chicago

I am committed to find new things to see and do — new people to meet!  Let’s imagine new possibilities and then DO THEM!








Photo:  The Make Up Diva, Courtney Waldon

I interviewed Make Up/Makeover Artist Courtney Waldon, owner of Courtney: The Make Up Diva!  She shared some sage advice on inner beauty and overall self-care, particularly for women age 50+.

All of the photos in this article highlight Courtney’s make up/makeover artistry.


TIDFM: Please tell our TIDFM audience about your business.

Courtney: I have been a make artist for the past 13 years. I have had experience
serving as a make up artist on music videos, album covers,
weddings, photo shoots and Tru Stars (a teen magazine).

Most of my assignments have come through word of mouth referrals,
and my business is known by he brand “Courtney: The Make Up Diva.”

Before starting my business, I freelanced quite a bit, and I eventually
accepted a full time position with the iconic Mario Tricoci Hair Salons
and Day Spas.

Prior to that, I worked mainly in the corporate sector where I
supported attorneys, administratively.

TIDFM: What is your favorite type of assignment?

Courtney: I love working on weddings mainly because I get to be a part of a big
transformation in someone’s life. Make up can make or break the
bride’s look. For these assignments, I tend to aim for giving the
subject a classic and timeless look so that when you look at
those wedding photos 20 years later, they don’t look outdated.




TIDFM: What is the mission of Courtney: The Make up Diva?

Courtney: Approachable Beauty! Everyone is beautiful; enhancement of that
beauty is what I promote.

TIDFM: Why is your business a passion for you?

Courtney: Because makeup is a small, yet transformational item that can change
how you view yourself. It can conceal shyness, boost self-esteem. In
essence, I see my role as that of an Image Therapist.

TIDFM: Who are your clients?

Courtney: The woman desiring a new look or wanting to get out of a rut, teens
preparing for a variety of events (like a prom)and the man that needs
some grooming.

TIDFM: Please define beauty.

Courtney: It comes from within! It can also be identified by an inner glow.
It’s also different body shapes, sizes, and it’s everywhere. Make up
expresses the inside of you, which is naturally beautiful.


TIDFM: How does a person know when they need a makeover?

Courtney: If you have not received a compliment in six months, it’s likely that it’s time for a change.

Wearing  the same thing without new additions to
your wardrobe is another indicator. It’s important to remember
that even a new piece of jewelry can add flavor to your look.

It is also important to remember that when the seasons change, you
must change. You can always check out your favorite magazines for
ideas — Glamour and Essence are good resources.

TIDFM: What beauty and self-care tips would you offer a woman 50+ years

Courtney: You must include a facial mask with retinal in your beauty regime. This
helps with wrinkles and fine lines. Make taking care of yourself your
number one priority. Those people in your life will appreciate you even
more. Aim for a natural look.

Also,  a more mature woman may have to build her brow or any area where she has ex-
perienced losses.

TIDFM: How does a woman 50+ embark on a new style road?

Courtney: Aim for what is comfortable for you. Once you have solidified that,
take a risk, step out and try something new. You will be surprised at how
great you will feel.

TIDFM: What should every woman 50+ know about skin and hair care?
What products should every woman 50+ have?

Courtney: Primers, primers, primers! This  product is a must have for eyes,
and lips. A complementary foundation is also a must have.

TIDFM: What piece of clothing should the 50+ age woman have in her closet?

Courtney: A really good fitted (nipped in the waist) blazer; it’s perfect for jeans,
pants, dresses and skirts.

TIDFM: What is the best advice an older woman gave you?

Courtney: “To make sure that a man loves you more than you love him.”

TIDFM:  Thank you Courtney for your time.


“The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives and the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years.” – Audrey Hepburn