Growth and Courage Come From Trying Out Something New!


I guess when you’re courageous, traveling with This…I…Do…For…Me to Italy in 2020 ought to be a piece of cake!

Meet Vivian, who lives in Houston, Texas.  When I asked her why she wants to travel to Italy, she responded humorously “I want to experience Italy’s architecture, culture and food.  Well, basically I want to go to Italy to eat.”

I am always in a state of wonder as I watch how international travel transforms and empowers women who are age 50+.  My travelers are no different— during our travels to Australia, Greece, Iceland, Spain and Morocco, I was in awe of how well many of them navigated these new travel spaces.

I will get to witness this again in October as we venture to Southeast Asia — Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan and three cities in Vietnam — Hanoi, Hoi An and Halong Bay!

454B6E7C-D234-408A-8B68-2F470799B72D      “I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List” — Susan Sontag

About robintillotson16

Robin has a wealth of experience in the arenas of advertising, public relations, human resources, training and gerontology. An avid traveler, reader and purveyor of culture, Robin has traveled to China, Northern Africa, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Canada and throughout The United States. She loves Chicago and its world class offerings. When not traveling, Robin is reading, learning something new and envisioning where to travel next. She never tires of attending plays, concerts and dance performances.

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