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Tina Shares Her Excitement About Traveling to Southeast Asia in October 2019 With This…I…Do…For…Me



Tina, shares her excitement about traveling to Southeast Asia with This…I…Do…For…Me this upcoming October!

Traveling has always been a love of mine. When planning my retirement I was always intrigued by the TIDFM excursions. When the SE Asia trip was announced I jumped at the opportunity to visit a new and different continent. Traveling with the sisters of TIDFM is an added bonus!





I am launching my very own podcast entitled This…I…Do…For…Me: Women Over 50, Black and Fabulous!

What Is It About? It will introduce you to phenomenal Black women who are clearly changing the narrative of what it means to age vibrantly. You will hear from these women age 50+ who are not sitting around in rocking chairs waiting to die or sitting around waiting for anything for that matter.

During this phase of life, they are going after what they want! They don’t mind getting older, but they want to look and feel good doing it, and they are no longer putting things off!

Stay tuned for the launch!

Artwork Created by Beverly Colar-Credelle