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I have launched my very own podcast entitled “This…I…Do…For…Me:  Women Over 50, Black and Fabulous!”  The aim of this podcast is to expose you to the phenomenal Black women who at age 50+ are changing the narrative of what it means to age vibrantly.

You will hear from Black women who starting new businesses, traveling for the first time and even learning to date, again!

Tune in to https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/this-i-do-for-me-over-50-black-and-fabulous/1473008436

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Tina Shares Her Excitement About Traveling to Southeast Asia in October 2019 With This…I…Do…For…Me



Tina, shares her excitement about traveling to Southeast Asia with This…I…Do…For…Me this upcoming October!

Traveling has always been a love of mine. When planning my retirement I was always intrigued by the TIDFM excursions. When the SE Asia trip was announced I jumped at the opportunity to visit a new and different continent. Traveling with the sisters of TIDFM is an added bonus!





I am launching my very own podcast entitled This…I…Do…For…Me: Women Over 50, Black and Fabulous!

What Is It About? It will introduce you to phenomenal Black women who are clearly changing the narrative of what it means to age vibrantly. You will hear from these women age 50+ who are not sitting around in rocking chairs waiting to die or sitting around waiting for anything for that matter.

During this phase of life, they are going after what they want! They don’t mind getting older, but they want to look and feel good doing it, and they are no longer putting things off!

Stay tuned for the launch!

Artwork Created by Beverly Colar-Credelle




Growth and Courage Come From Trying Out Something New!


I guess when you’re courageous, traveling with This…I…Do…For…Me to Italy in 2020 ought to be a piece of cake!

Meet Vivian, who lives in Houston, Texas.  When I asked her why she wants to travel to Italy, she responded humorously “I want to experience Italy’s architecture, culture and food.  Well, basically I want to go to Italy to eat.”

I am always in a state of wonder as I watch how international travel transforms and empowers women who are age 50+.  My travelers are no different— during our travels to Australia, Greece, Iceland, Spain and Morocco, I was in awe of how well many of them navigated these new travel spaces.

I will get to witness this again in October as we venture to Southeast Asia — Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan and three cities in Vietnam — Hanoi, Hoi An and Halong Bay!

454B6E7C-D234-408A-8B68-2F470799B72D      “I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List” — Susan Sontag

Before and After — This I Do For Me!


Kathy Vanna is the 2018 Winner of The This…I….Do…For…Me Annual Makeover Contest!

This year I posed this question: What country would you like to visit in the next three years?  The answers ranged from Italy 🇮🇹 to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 from Ghana 🇬🇭 to Switzerland 🇨🇭.

The participation and response was phenomenal, and it was confirmation that women age 50+ really do desire to travel.

Periodically, I will run a little contest with the express purpose of posing a question relative to travel.  I want you to think about travel; I want you to dream of traveling somewhere, even if it’s not a place on your bucket list.

It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day obligatory routines and tasks, and for this reason I want you to commit to  learning about a new country and their customs.

This truly represents ta makeover — a makeover of our minds!

If you would like to travel with This…I…Do…For…Me crew, contact me at robin@thisidoforme.com





It’s seems that the closer it has gotten to the release of Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming,” the further away its debut seemed.  It is probably just that I am ultra excited to read it.  I’m not expecting any juicy revelations nor am I looking to hear about events I already know about.

What I am expecting to hear and learn about is how she reacted to some of the most demanding experiences any former First Lady of the United States has faced.  To what degree did she shrug things off or really buried/internalized hurt feelings in order to forge ahead with her duties?

I am mostly interested in learning about the influences that allowed her to become the woman that she is — what manner of woman could withstand the extra scrutiny assigned to an African American First Lady?  What manner of woman could still remain poised in the midst of extreme criticism and name calling?

Maybe I am looking for the validation that shows that my upbringing is very similar to Mrs. Obama.  Maybe just maybe she is the mirror that reflects who I really am.  Yeah, that is why I want to read this memoir.





I, like so many jazz fans learned of the passing of Jazz Trumpeter Roy Hargrove. He was 49 years old.  I have been following Hargrove since he hit the scene in the late 90s, and when I first heard him play, I felt like the future of Jazz wS in good hands.

Thank you, Roy for the joy and love you brought to this world. 9D84B90D-6589-4997-825C-CB6B31DB62F8

Opa! From Greece With Love!



From September 12-21, 2018, I, along with 13 other daring and bold women journeyed to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini, Greece!  Ironically, Greece was never on my list of places to visit, but it has now taken the coveted position of being one of the countries I’ve enjoyed the most!

From its amazing food, fresh fruits and vegetables to cultural events like the Breaking of the Plates Cultural Dance to major historic sites (I still can’t believe that I climbed the steps to The Parthenon), Greece is one beautiful place!  The sky is a blue that I’ve never seen before.  The water is a blue that I’ve never seen before, and the serenity that I experienced there was unparalleled.

The people are warm and eager to share their culture, and if you just want to relax and just people watch, the cities/islands of Athens, Mykonos and Santorini are perfect places.

Add this jewel of a city to your “Must Do” list.  You will return a new person and wanting to return for more.

Enjoy the photos!




8A9775F6-C155-442C-88B5-782C77156A75After planning for 18 months, I and 13 other women are on our way to three stops in Greece — Athens, Mykonos and Santorini!

From the famed Acropolis to The Plaka to Island Dinner Cruises, we will see the best that Greece has to offer. Not only are we excited about our optional excursions that will take us to Delphi and Hydra, but we are equally excited about just being able to take in the sights and and sounds of the streets of this country filled with life loving Grecians who are going about their daily lives.

Are you interested in traveling abroad or taking in a variety of cultural event right here in the heart of Chicago?  Contact me about any of This…I…Do…For…Me’s  upcoming excursions and outings.

Blessings, Robin