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Growth and Courage Come From Trying Out Something New!


I guess when you’re courageous, traveling with This…I…Do…For…Me to Italy in 2020 ought to be a piece of cake!

Meet Vivian, who lives in Houston, Texas.  When I asked her why she wants to travel to Italy, she responded humorously “I want to experience Italy’s architecture, culture and food.  Well, basically I want to go to Italy to eat.”

I am always in a state of wonder as I watch how international travel transforms and empowers women who are age 50+.  My travelers are no different— during our travels to Australia, Greece, Iceland, Spain and Morocco, I was in awe of how well many of them navigated these new travel spaces.

I will get to witness this again in October as we venture to Southeast Asia — Bangkok, Thailand; Taipei, Taiwan and three cities in Vietnam — Hanoi, Hoi An and Halong Bay!

454B6E7C-D234-408A-8B68-2F470799B72D      “I Haven’t Been Everywhere, But It’s On My List” — Susan Sontag